Once A Librarian

There’s something about being a librarian – for however short a part of one’s ultimate career – that sticks. Despite the fact that I was a librarian for less than a quarter of my working life I still naturally think of myself as one. It is the part that matters. Does any other career affect one that way, I wonder?

I’m not quite sure why I’m starting this blog.  I’d like to use it for anything to do with books and libraries.  There are lots of blogs of this sort but I guess one of the aspects of librarianship is that it makes one want to write as well as read.

And there is always the opportunity to rebuff the stereotypical librarian.  I can’t recall ever having met one of those bespectacled middle-aged females in my life.  In terms of appearance the nearest anyone came to it was Miss Skelland in Liverpool City Libraries.  She was the first librarian I ever knew and let me have a library ticket at the age of three in the early 1950s despite my being too young (according to the rules one had to be seven – until then one had to have books out on one’s parents’ tickets which restricted the number they could have).  That was one way in which she broke the mould – she wasn’t a great one for rules.  I discovered the second way when I worked for her some seventeen years later.  She swore like a trooper.  What a wonderful woman.

Hopefully my blog will also contain a few biographies of famous librarians, a bit of librarianship art and even a peek into one or two libraries past and present.

As for books, I’m not too sure.  I have a book blog under a different persona so I may not say too much about them here.

My partner and I were discussing the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel in the light of my recently having read Audrey Niffenegger’s ‘The Night Bookmobile‘.   “I wonder what exactly the difference is?” I said.  “About £8,” was the prompt reply.


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  1. GB says:

    The awesome Miss Skelland. I recall her memory well. Just as I can recall the original Childwall Library. Was it really all that long ago?

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