How do you hold a stack of books?

I came across this cartoon on the web.  How can you tell it wasn’t drawn by a librarian?

Because all the librarians I have ever met hold books this way –

so they can use their free hand to shelve the top book as they go along. Even if you are carrying a load of books to the one place you tend to use the same method as they are less likely to fall. At least, I always did (do).

Anyone have a different way of holding them?


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5 Responses to How do you hold a stack of books?

  1. GB says:

    I never carry that many books at once unless I’m simply moving the whole lot from one place to another. I certainly don’t carry them with such elegance!

  2. litlove says:

    Working in bookstores, I tend to carry the stack with two hands beneath and my chin on top. I swear this encourages the posture of the gibbon, not a pretty sight, but there it is. I must cultivate your laid back method.

  3. My fondest memory of elementary school was being allowed to leave class to help the librarian set up a brand-spanking-new library. The smell of fresh-cut wood shelves mingling with the aroma of old books. Amazing. As for “form,” I agree with your stance. I simply switch off shoulders with each stack – same with holding a toddler on my hip – only one side, you end up with a wonky shoulder. Loved this! Peace, Amy

  4. Jenny Woolf says:

    It also looks more comfortable the “real librarian” way!

  5. DawnTreader says:

    One or two at a time is usually all I’m able to manage! 😉
    In front of my bookshelves in my study stands my ironing board. When it is not used for ironing, it serves to put heavy books down on when I have to look something up!

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