A Quotation on the Wall

I like it when libraries have something original about them – a cheerful cartoon in the children’s section, a unique display, a huge lump of stone in the middle of the floor (that’s in Stornoway about which I shall blog anon) or an appropriate quotation on the wall.

Such a library is the Maring-Hunt Library in Muncie, Indiana – and you can see what the quotation is by visiting Scrappy Grams’s Blog.


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One Response to A Quotation on the Wall

  1. litlove says:

    Nice comment! There is a church in the next village along from me that always has some really groan-worthy religious pun on a poster board outside.The last one I saw invited anyone in need of a ‘stable’ relationship to come in and find Jesus. I can’t help but look out for them and I regret it every time. I think educational quotes are much more my line!

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