A Give Away

I’ve decided to do a ‘Give Away’ this week.  The rules are simple.  Drop a comment on any of this week’s postings (Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th inclusive) and I’ll put the names of all those who have commented in a hat (assuming I can find one – it may have to be a saucepan or some other substitute) and draw out the winner on Sunday 11th.   I decided to ask Google for ideas as to what I could offer as a prize.  Nearly all the answers suggested using something associated with your blog topic.  But  I had decided to run this on both my Book Every Six Days Blog, my Once  a Librarian Blog and my main, Rambles from my Chair Blog.  The only consistent topic on my main blog is Me (and Partner-who-drinks-tea has said I can’t give myself away) and over the years I’ve covered everything from Anderson’s Salamander to Angry Penguins; Auctions to Blood Tests; e.e.cummings and Exeter Football Club.  Grafitti in Pompeii, Hamlet and fur coats have all turned up  – could there be a more diverse blog?  Even the Grimpoteuthis or Dumbo Octopus made an appearance.  I couldn’t see this brief look through my blog helping me decide at all.

In the end I decided to offer the winner a choice of one of the following books – all of which scored 10/10 on my book blog last year.

Helen DUNMORE – “The Siege“ (2001)

Khaled HOSSEINI – “The Kite Runner” (2003)

Alice HOFFMAN – “The Ice Queen ” (2005)

Khaled HOSSEINI – “A Thousand Splendid Suns ” (2007)

Muriel BARBERY – “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” (2008)

Paul TORDAY – “The Irresistible Inheritance of Wilberforce – a novel in four vintages” (2008)

David MITCHELL – “The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet ” (2010)

Terry PRATCHETT – “Snuff“ (2011)

I look forward to all your comments.


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3 Responses to A Give Away

  1. What a sweet idea. Hope you don’t mind if some of us offer to chip in for postage and handling!

    Your choice of books is quite impressive. I’m reading a great book called, “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” about how American social studies textbooks have it all wrong.

    Best to you and yours, Amy

  2. That’s kind of you to offer, Amy, but I think it’s fair that the postage is part of the give away. All the best, John.

  3. Scriptor Obscura says:

    Hmmm…This sounds very interesting! All are books that I haven’t read yet! Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. It is so nice to meet a fellow Scriptor 🙂

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